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2016 U.S. Election Dashboard by Netvibes: Analysis of news, social mentions and polling data

If you’re interested in what people are saying about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and other election topics this year, check out the new Netvibes 2016 Election dashboard. We are gathering content from across the Internet, including news, blogs, and social media mentions, as well as external metrics, like candidate polling data, the S&P index, President Obama’s approval numbers, and more.

With the Netvibes dashboard, you can read and analyze everything in one place. Click here to access the dashboard:

Netvibes 2016 Election Dashboard


The 2016 presidential election in the United States has been full of interesting twists and turns so far, and we still have six months to go until ballots are cast on November 8. We will continue updating this blog until Election Day, so keep checking the dashboard and stay tuned to the blog for more news.

Here are a few key insights we’ve discovered with the Netvibes dashboard so far:

  1. The more Twitter mentions that Clinton gets, the lower her poll numbers drop. We can see a clear, inverse correlation in the data: Twitter mentions are going up (+0.47%), while Clinton declines in the polls (-0.20%).

Chart: Clinton polls vs. Twitter mentions

By contrast, here is the chart for Trump. Twitter mentions for the Donald are stable over time, but his polling numbers are rising.

Chart: Trump polls vs. Twitter mentions

  1. Clinton is ahead in the polls, but her numbers are trending down, while Trump’s polls are trending up. Trump may catch up by November.

Let’s compare the two candidates’ polling data together. Using predictive analytics, the Netvibes dashboard currently projects that Trump’s poll numbers will continue to rise and eventually overtake Clinton on Nov. 13.

Chart: Clinton vs. Trump poll numbers

Please note, this prediction is changing rapidly in response to polling data. For example, in mid-May, when Trump reached his polling peak, the Netvibes chart predicted he would catch up to Hillary by June 7 (obviously, that didn’t happen). As Trump’s poll numbers began to soften in May, the chart’s prediction changed to June 25. Given the current data, the chart now predicts Nov. 13 (five days after the election ends).

  1. Across social media, candidate scandals are outperforming “Important Election Issues”

This insight may not surprise anyone who’s been following the news recently. The social buzz around Clinton’s scandals (Benghazi and Emails) and Trump’s scandals (Trump University and Veterans donations) is growing quickly, much faster than “Important Election Issues” including tax plans, foreign policy, or healthcare.

Chart: Candidate scandals

Chart: Important election issues

There is a lot more data to dive into on the Netvibes Election dashboard. Check out the dashboard and let us know what you think: Is there a chart you would like to see? Let us know in the comments below.


Shared Libraries

If you’d like to follow the Election news on your own personal Netvibes dashboard (sign up for free here), you can use one of our pre-curated source “Libraries.” Netvibes Shared Libraries are lists of selected content sources, which are searchable from the dashboard and shareable with other users. Want to learn more about Libraries? Click here. Shared Libraries are created, managed and shared by Netvibes Premium users. Contact us for a demo.

For the Election Dashboard, we are listening to 5 custom Libraries, which you can see in the “Sources” tab of the dashboard:

*Please note: Classification of publications being liberal or conservative is based on the informed opinions of Netvibes employees. This should not considered an official position of Netvibes Inc. or Dassault Systemes

We will return next week with more insights from the Election dashboard. Stay tuned!

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Written by Kim Terca of Netvibes. Any opinions expressed are my own, not my employer’s.

Analytics are based on a wide variety of online sources collected by the Netvibes dashboard, including news publications, blogs, videos and social media. To see all sources, please visit the Dashboard Tab titled “Sources.” Candidate polling data is sourced from The Huffington Post.

Netvibes’ Election dashboard is meant to provide a neutral analysis of available election data. It should not be considered an official statement by Netvibes, Inc. or Dassault Systèmes.

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