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Trump picks Pence for VP, as predicted by the internet

News broke today that Donald Trump has selected Governor Mike Pence to be his Vice Presidential running mate. What do people think about Trump’s choice? We took a look at the Netvibes 2016 Election Dashboard to find out.

Although Pence was not the most popular candidate overall on news and social media, the internet did, in fact, predict that Pence would be Trump’s pick.

Netvibes Election Dashboard

The Netvibes Election Dashboard collects a wide variety of sources to analyze the online conversation and understand what people are saying about candidates and top issues. In the dashboard’s VP tab, we are analyzing the vice presidential candidates for both the Democratic and Republican parties. Let’s break down the data:

Most popular VP candidate: Marco Rubio

Among the Republican VP candidates, Marco Rubio is the clear popularity winner in terms of positive-sentiment mentions. Rubio also garners the most mentions overall, more than doubling his closest competitor. In terms of positive mentions, Newt Gingrich comes in 2nd, followed by Chris Christie in a close 3rd. Mike Pence is a distant 4th.

Netvibes Election dashboard

Fastest-growing popularity: Mike Pence

However, when we look at the overall trend in mentions–that is, who became more popular over the last month–Mike Pence is the clear winner in this graph. In the last 30 days, Pence’s VP mentions have skyrocketed (linear regression, r = +4.84%), far faster than any other candidate. In this sense, we can conclude that the internet successfully predicted Pence as the VP pick.

Netvibes election dashboard - Republican VP

What about the Democrats?

Hillary Clinton is also expected to announce her running mate sometime this month. If we apply the same theory to the Democrats (looking at fastest-growth in popularity), then Clinton is likely to pick Tim Kaine as her VP. Over the last 30 days, Kaine’s mentions are growing faster than any other candidate (r = +1.59%).

Netvibes Election Dashboard - Democrat VPOn the other hand, if we look at highest number of mentions overall and positive sentiment, then Elizabeth Warren is dominating the Democratic VP race, even though her mentions have been on the decline for the past month (r = -2.15%)

Netvibes Election Dashboard - Democratic VP

Whom do you think Clinton will pick as her VP? Let us know in the comments. We’ll keep monitoring the race to see what happens.

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Written by Kim Terca of Netvibes. Any opinions expressed are my own, not my employer’s.

Analytics are based on a wide variety of online sources collected by the Netvibes dashboard, including news publications, blogs, videos and social media. To see all sources, please visit the Dashboard Tab titled “Sources.” Candidate polling data is sourced from The Huffington Post.

Netvibes’ Election dashboard is meant to provide a neutral analysis of available election data. It should not be considered an official statement by Netvibes, Inc. or Dassault Systèmes.

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