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Archive for September, 2016

2016 election issues: How terrorism and immigration impact the race

The year 2016 has been plagued by near-daily terrorist attacks around the world. Last weekend Americans were targeted in two attacks: nine people were stabbed at a shopping mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, while several explosive devices were discovered in New York and New Jersey. Fortunately, no one was killed. To analyze how terrorism is […]

What’s being said about Clinton’s health? Insights from the Election Dashboard

U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton dominated headlines last week after nearly collapsing at the 9/11 memorial service in New York on September 11. Her campaign later announced she was suffering from pneumonia. How has Clinton’s recent health scare impacted the race? Let’s look at the data in Netvibes’ 2016 Election Dashboard to find out. Clinton’s […]

Video: Comparing the DNC vs. RNC Conventions during Election 2016

With the Netvibes 2016 Election Dashboard analyzing the buzz around the U.S. Presidential election, we took a look at the data from July’s Democratic National Convention (DNC) and the Republican National Convention (RNC) to see what differences we could discover between the two events. Watch the webinar video below to see us explore the data […]

How candidate tweets impact the stock market

Last week Mylan, maker of the EpiPen medical device, came under fire in the media for skyrocketing prices. The cost of a pair of EpiPens in 2016 now exceeds $600–a more than 500% price increase since 2009. EpiPens cost only a few dollars to make and can be life-saving emergency devices for people with food […]