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Video: Comparing the DNC vs. RNC Conventions during Election 2016

With the Netvibes 2016 Election Dashboard analyzing the buzz around the U.S. Presidential election, we took a look at the data from July’s Democratic National Convention (DNC) and the Republican National Convention (RNC) to see what differences we could discover between the two events. Watch the webinar video below to see us explore the data live on the dashboard.

Here are a few of the insights we discovered:

Top issues: Climate Change (DNC) vs. Foreign Policy (RNC)

We analyzed which election issues–tax plans, health care, criminal justice, etc.–were mentioned most often in news and social media around the two events. (To see all the sources we’re analyzing, visit the Sources Tab on the dashboard). At the Republicans’ convention, Foreign Policy was the top issue, while Climate Change dominated the conversation around the Democratic convention.

DNC top issues

Top issue at #DNC: Climate Change


Top issues RNC

Top issue at #RNC: Foreign Policy

…But Candidate Scandals are more popular than Election Issues

A theme we’ve seen throughout the campaign, the scandals of both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton continue to top the political conversation. During the DNC and RNC conventions, Clinton’s email scandal was the #1 most-discussed topic, followed by her Benghazi scandal, followed by Foreign Policy in third place.

Election dashboard - candidate scandals

Speakers: Michelle Obama stole the show at DNC

We analyzed what was said around the speakers at Day 1 of the Democratic convention, which featured big names including Sarah Silverman and Elizabeth Warren, with Bernie Sanders headlining. As the runner-up candidate for the Democrats’ nomination, Sanders was naturally the most-mentioned person on that list. However, among the other speakers, First Lady Michelle Obama was by far the most popular. Mentions spiked during her convention speech and remained elevated for two days afterward.

Day 1 speakers DNC

Day 1 speakers at DNC: FLOTUS’s speech had staying power.


You can explore the charts for yourself on our 2016 live Election Dashboard. Keep following the blog for more weekly insights leading up to November’s election. You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter here:

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