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What’s being said about Clinton’s health? Insights from the Election Dashboard

U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton dominated headlines last week after nearly collapsing at the 9/11 memorial service in New York on September 11. Her campaign later announced she was suffering from pneumonia. How has Clinton’s recent health scare impacted the race? Let’s look at the data in Netvibes’ 2016 Election Dashboard to find out.

Netvibes Election Dashboard

Clinton’s health stole the show on 9/11

Perhaps not surprisingly, Clinton’s health scare led the conversation around 9/11. There were more mentions of Clinton’s health than mentions of either candidate in the context of 9/11. Overall, Clinton received many times more mentions around 9/11 than did Trump. This is essentially the opposite of a trend we’ve seen throughout the campaign, where Trump usually gets more mentions than Clinton.

Netvibes election dashboard

Interestingly, Trump garnered fewer 9/11 mentions in September than he did back in April when he was ridiculed for saying the 7/11 attacks. This finding is consistent with a theme we’ve seen throughout the 2016 race: candidate bloopers and scandals attract far more interest than actual election issues.

Netvibes election dashboard

Health mentions exceed other scandals

Since September 11, mentions of Clinton’s health have mostly drowned out coverage of her scandals, such as emails and Benghazi.

Netvibes election dashboard

When we look at the big picture, however, we can see that scandals for both Mr. Trump (Trump University and veterans donations) and Clinton (emails and Benghazi) are continuing to rise in popularity. Throughout the race, scandals have been drawing more mentions than important issues like tax plans and health care.

Netvibes election dashboard

Looking away from the scandals and focusing on actual election issues, we find that the most popular issue is Foreign Policy (33.39%), followed by Climate Change (30.42%), with Tax Plans (23.01%) in third place.

Netvibes election dashboard

The race is tightening

When we look at the polling data (source: Huffington Post), we see that Clinton and Trump are now running nearly even. Clinton holds onto the lead with an average 42% support in polls, with Trump two points behind at 40%.

Netvibes election dashboard

You can see the charts and explore the data for yourself on our live Election Dashboard here:  We’ll keep updating the blog with weekly insights leading up to the November election.

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Written by Kim Terca of Netvibes. Any opinions expressed are my own, not my employer’s.

Analytics are based on a wide variety of online sources collected by the Netvibes dashboard, including news publications, blogs, videos and social media. To see all sources, please visit the Dashboard Tab titled “Sources.” Candidate polling data is sourced from The Huffington Post.

Netvibes’ Election dashboard is meant to provide a neutral analysis of available election data. It should not be considered an official statement by Netvibes, Inc. or Dassault Systèmes.

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