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Election Day! Here’s where the race stands

Today is Election Day in the United States, and tonight we find out who will be the next American President: Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump. We’ve been collecting and analyzing data around the race—including news, social media, polling data and more—in Netvibes’ live Election Dashboard. Check out the Election Dashboard here, and read below for the latest insights.

Netvibes election dashboard


Polling data

Looking at the polling data (source: Huffington Post), we can see that the presidential race has tightened in the last few weeks. Clinton is just ahead of Trump in the polling averages, with 43.431% for Clinton and 41.476% for Trump.

Clinton vs Trump polling averages


Clinton has caught up with Trump in number of mentions

Throughout the 2016 race, Trump has tended to attract more news and social mentions than Clinton. However, Clinton’s share of voice has been growing over the past month, and today the two candidates are running roughly equal in terms of mentions. Trump’s peak in mentions occurred on October 10, the day after the second presidential debate and at the height of Trump’s “locker room talk” scandal. Clinton’s highest day of mentions during the entire race was yesterday, November 7, as her campaign speeds toward the finish line.

Clinton vs Trump mentions


Who will win the election? Stay tuned as we find out tonight. After the campaign ends, we will take a look back at the data in the Election Dashboard to examine lessons learned and identify key turning points in the race.

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Written by Kim Terca of Netvibes. Any opinions expressed are my own, not my employer’s.

Analytics are based on a wide variety of online sources collected by the Netvibes dashboard, including news publications, blogs, videos and social media. To see all sources, please visit the Dashboard Tab titled “Sources.” Candidate polling data is sourced from The Huffington Post.

Netvibes’ Election dashboard is meant to provide a neutral analysis of available election data. It should not be considered an official statement by Netvibes, Inc. or Dassault Systèmes.


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